Influencer marketing selection 
and measurement 

InfluenceScope is a data-driven approach to support marketers throughout the entire influencer marketing lifecycle. We measure personalities against business KPIs to determine effectiveness and alignment. Our independent measurement gives you an unbiased source of truth so you can make the most of your influencer marketing.

Data inputs include distribution, reach, engagement, interests and themes, socio-demographic and psychographic fit, media return and effectiveness. From athletes, celebrities, influencers and fashionistas - we’ve got you covered. 

What we offer:

  • Influencer Selection: Identify the best fit based on custom criteria
  • Influencer Tracking & Campaign Management: on-going or campaign-based analysis of audience, performance and content metrics 
  • Portfolio Management: Optimize influencer roster based on collective performance, overlap, synergy, etc.
  • Platform Flexibility: Adjust your view based on KPI goals across reach, relevance, resonance and return

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