Predictive ROI

Unlock your marketing potential with Predictive ROI


In today’s cutthroat marketing arena, data-driven decisions reign supreme. Enter Predictive ROI (PROI) by Nielsen – your trusted ally for optimizing campaigns and achieving marketing goals. 

PROI harnesses the magic of predictive analytics without the complexity. Our intuitive platform uses cutting-edge technology to analyze and reveal patterns within your data, helping you make smarter decisions tailored to your unique needs. With PROI, you will gain valuable insights spanning client data, media allocation plans, and global ROI norms, empowering you to drive campaign success effortlessly.
Discover the power of PROI

> AI-Driven Precision
Leverage PROI's AI capabilities to predict campaign performance precisely, and receive tailored recommendations aligned with your brand’s objectives.

> Global Accessibility 
Access PROI's insights worldwide across 80+ countries, and receive results within a week with 95% accuracy.

> Strategic Insights 
Unlock ROI potential and optimize media allocation strategies, gaining clarity on brand ROI comparisons, media effectiveness, and budget adjustments' impact on sales.

> Empowered Decision-Making
Empower your decision-making with Nielsen's PROI, maximizing advertising ROI and achieving KPIs globally by democratizing ROI measurement with scientific insights supported by our experience and AI technology.

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