Nielsen Fan Insights

Know your fans

We have the inside track on fan data, meaning you get a peek inside how fans think, why they cheer, where they live. 

The Most Comprehensive Fan Data on the Planet

  • Global Platform: Gain a deep understanding of your fan base across sports, leagues, events and teams from a single, comprehensive platform
  • Brand Insights: Strategically identify and assess partnership opportunities based on the tracking of brand metrics directly tied to fan segments
  • Sponsorship Impact: Benchmark the impact of sponsorship activations among fans exposed to those partnerships
  • Integrated Purchase Data: Analyze brand ownership and retail purchase data integrated with fan research

On-demand analytics at your fingertips 

  • Comprehensive view into sports fans’ interests, media behavior, brand attitudes and purchasing habits
  • Know what fans watch, listen to and buy, and how it impacts sponsorship effectiveness 
  • Extensive fan behavior data to drive new fan acquisition, increase engagement and respond to changes in fan sentiment

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