Do you know your competitors' advertising strategy?

How much they spend on advertising, when and where, and how often they change their creatives?


Nielsen Ad Intel can help you stay ahead with independent ad spend and creative information. Today's media landscape is crowded and complex. To stay ahead, businesses need reliable advertising intelligence to develop efficient media strategies and differentiate themselves from the competition. 




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With this industry-leading tool, you'll be able to:

Understand competitive spend

Identify advertising opportunities across platforms by knowing where, when and how much your competitors are spending on media locally and across international markets.

Analyse creative strategies and set your own

Understand competitive strategy and positioning by viewing creatives along with placement information to see how often your competitors change their creative elements and what messaging styles and key content they use to build their brand value.

Gain comprehensive insights

Analyse brand strategies and learn from past campaigns (whether it be yours or your competitors') to inform plans and optimise ROI for the next.

Benchmark against competitors and the industry

Understand share of voice and advertising seasonality.

Get quality insights across multiple channels and platforms

We measure TV, audio, digital, social media and print advertisements that are then validated by our persons-based panels.

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