Esports – connecting you to the audience that makes a difference

Esports Fan Insights gives you the data to create breakthrough campaigns and connect with a tech-savvy hard-to-reach audience. Our global, syndicated data set provides insights into fan behavior, helping you understand, segment and reach consumers. Do you need help driving fandom and audience growth? Whether you’re the world’s largest game publisher or a start-up platform, we’ve got you covered: 


Esports Engagement: 

Understand how fans engage across devices and platforms, including time spent, willingness to spend on paid content and ad blocker usage.

Gaming Behavior:

Gain a deep understanding about fan gaming behavior, including VR interest, game genres, titles and platforms.

Following Esports:

Dive into fan preferences and opinions about esports events, leagues, teams, platforms and personalities.

Brand & Sponsorship: 

Understand how brand sponsorships impact fan recall, awareness and purchasing behavior.

Traditional Sports Comparison: 

Learn how fans engage with traditional sports versus esports, including time investment and event attendance. 


Are you also looking for esports sponsorship analytics? Our esports media valuation bridges the gap between audience measurement and sponsor logo exposure. We value sponsorship assets across streaming platforms, social media, national and local TV. Our data helps you drive value and understand returns with the ability to benchmark across teams, logo location, brands and markets. 

Esports Fan Insights and Sponsorship Analytics

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